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What is DBT?

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is an effective treatment for people who struggle to manage their emotions, stress, relationships and impulsive behaviors. DBT combines cognitive-behavioral-therapy and mindfulness practice.

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  Services Provided

Individual Psychotherapy - Work one on one with individuals to address issues and problems that significantly affect their lives and interfere with attaining their personal and professional goals. In the 20 years that I have been practicing psychotherapy I have developed a methodology of successfully working with each of my patient’s individual needs. My approach combines psychoanalytic theory with behavioral and cognitive therapy.

Couples Psychotherapy - The goal is to enhance and improve the couple’s relationship. The focus is on improving communication skills, identifying and setting appropriate boundaries, learning how to ask for what is wanted before it is a crisis, and learning how to make choices that support the relationship rather than undermine it. My approach combines psychoanalytic theory with behavioral and cognitive therapy.

EAP Provider - (Employee Assistance Services) - This is a service provided to employees by their employer. It is usually paid for by the employer. Through this service employees can address issues pertaining to their jobs or their own personal concerns. Such as issues of health, marriage, family, drug/alcohol assessments, emotional stress and other personal issues that potentially may affect job performance. These sessions are solution-oriented and short term.

Group Psychotherapy - Various groups are offered throughout the year. “Examining Your Relationship with Food” groups are running and being formed. Each groups meets weekly. Members are screened to be placed in the appropriate group depending on their needs.

Phone Sessions - Phone sessions can be scheduled for those people who cannot physically come to my office for a session. These sessions are usually the same duration as a face to face session. Phone sessions need to be scheduled in advance.


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